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My name is Joshua Werner, but I prefer to be called Josh. I am a creative person who enjoys learning new things and is quick to take on a challenge. I am persistent and don’t give up. An example of this is one time when I was working on coding a multiplayer game and no one new how to get it to work. I looked at it as a challenge and kept going until I got it working. I am artistic and enjoy creating new things. Art can be anything from a drawing or a painting to a new code that works perfectly. I enjoy the outdoors and nature, but at the same time embrace technology. I view learning as a lifelong on-going process. Learning is not something that happens in a box, but by collaborating and working with others to develop new and innovative ideas.

On a personal note, relationships are important to me. I like taking time to spend with my family, friends, and my dog, Aya who is a Belgium Malinois. Some things I enjoy doing include fishing, going to the lake, and just spending time outdoors in general. Even when I am super busy working on a project, I find it helps me to be more creative if I carve out some time to do something that I enjoy. Sometimes it can be as simple as going to the dog park or down to the river to fish. When I get back, I am more focused and can tackle problems more easily. I am an interesting mix; being someone who loves to create, but at the same time enjoys nature.


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